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The Loop - June 2020


To all our GBA Families, 

These are such difficult times. First the virus and now the racial tension and rioting. I must say, I am proud of Flint! The response has been like no other. Flint residents and the police and sheriff departments have set the tone for the country.  

As we are closing out our last month of school and our final newsletter for this school year, I cannot let this opportunity pass without expressing our support and our love of all our families. As we watch the devastation in the news and as black family members and police officers lose their lives we cannot help but feel discouraged and defeated.

Grand Blanc Academy staff is loving and accepting. We have worked with well-known trainers to face our biases so that we can develop into the best educators and citizens that we were created to be.

We stand together to support our African American families that are struggling and living in fear for their children. We do not pretend to know what it is like to send our children out the door and worry they will not return safely. We DO know that standing strong together and educating our children to make a difference in this world through influence, integrity and love, we can change the world~ one small school at a time.

Stand strong, stand together and pray for wisdom as we move forward into the new school year.




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