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Grand Blanc Academy held our “virtual” awards ceremony and posted it to Facebook last week. It is always a heartwarming experience to see the success of students as they move onto high school. This ceremony was bittersweet! Only teachers sat in the audience with social distancing rules. As the principal, I gave the commencement speech and thought I would share it with you as well. You can see it here on Facebook.

As you enter the world of high school, please keep your GBA creed with you at all times! Remember our All Star rules!

We Put Safety First

Today this is an absolute must! You are growing up in an era of a contagious virus—wear your mask! You are also in the midst of racial tension, police brutality and peaceful protests along with rioting. Let us remember, not all police are bad, not all white people are racist, but let’s face it—every person has their own prejudices. Examine your soul, face what you see and love your neighbor.

We are There and Ready

Be there! Be ready! Show up! Stay awake! Bring a pencil!

We are Always Respectful

You are going to encounter teachers in high school who you will respect and some that you will not. Remember to give everyone a fair shot. Get to know them and respect the differences you may have. Not everyone has to be your friend, but show respect and admiration for your differences!

We are Responsible

Who knows what school will look like in August? Be responsible, if you go into a building-be there, be on time, participate! Own it! If you make a mistake-learn from it and move on!

Show Kindness to All

This is my personal favorite! It is so important that you be the light that can turn someone’s day around-especially now!

You are leaving Grand Blanc Academy, but you will still carry our name and our legacy. We expect you to show the world what you learned growing up at GBA! We love you, we are proud of you—now carry the torch and continue to make us PROUD!




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