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Community Connections

Grand Blanc Academy is proud to engage with our local organizations

Our local organizations enrich our students' lives with their generosity and role-modeling. We are proud to consider them part of the Grand Blanc All Stars family!

Newton Timing & Race Services

Newton Timing & Race Services

“We endeavor to develop long-term relationships and provide the services they need to grow their events.”


Newton Timing & Race Services believes in partnerships that are Uplifting and Growing our community and GBA Family. Thank you Newton Timing & Race Services!!!

Grumlaw Church of Grand Blanc

Grumlaw Church

We want to be a church that serves Grand Blanc and the surrounding area- a church that is a part of the community.


Grumlaw has helped GBA meet the physical, social and emotional needs of our students by bridging the gap of community, family and educational institution; while enabling our students to see their value and contribution to their local community! There is no better partnership than that of a community member and educational institution working together to grow the whole child !

Thank you Grumlaw Church!!!

Double Dragon with Master Wheeler

Double Dragon Tang Soo Do

We strive to empower students to tackle challenges and take on new experiences.

Heart of Worship

Heart of Worship

It's time to dance!

Heart Of Worship Dance Studio Facebook Page

What an awesome opportunity for GBA students!

Thank you!!





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Grand Blanc Academy is proud to engage with our local organizations