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Are you excited about making a difference in the lives of children? Are you willing to show your passion for education and the value of changing a child’s life? Do you have good classroom management skills that allow students to build character and create an inspiring classroom community? If you are an educator that loves working with urban students in a suburban setting you have found the right location! Grand Blanc Academy is a school inspiring students to ignite growth, imagination, and dreams! If you possess the following qualities you may be a qualified candidate to join our school community!

  • Value the individual qualities of each child
  • Enjoy planning hands-on learning projects for students of all ages
  • Organized, focused, and persistent
  • Use data to plan your lessons and challenge students
  • Holds high expectations for students and peers
  • Exude leadership skills that inspire others to achieve high levels of success

Grand Blanc Academy has a family-oriented staff that supports each other through encouragement, partnership, and student engagement. The student body is made up of over 400 children and 50 staff members. Our goal is to maintain high expectations and have fun while learning!

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