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Celebrate our kids, appreciate our teachers

Celebrate our kids, appreciate our teachers   As you read this blog, you will understand that I am a “Mama Bear” when it comes to the amazing staff that I have the honor of leading. So many families have been supportive and positive during the last nine months, but society has a way of taking...Continue reading

Our graduates make us proud!

Our graduates make us proud!   Grand Blanc Academy held our “virtual” awards ceremony and posted it to Facebook last week. It is always a heartwarming experience to see the success of students as they move onto high school. This ceremony was bittersweet! Only teachers sat in the audience with social distancing rules. As the...Continue reading

From the Heart of a Principal

From the Heart of a Principal   I have been struggling with starting this blog for quite a while. There are so many topics to discuss and so many thoughts running through my mind! So, here goes, let’s just start with some fond memories of “the good ole days”—just think back to what life was...Continue reading

The Loop – June 2020

The Loop - June 2020   To all our GBA Families,  These are such difficult times. First the virus and now the racial tension and rioting. I must say, I am proud of Flint! The response has been like no other. Flint residents and the police and sheriff departments have set the tone for the...Continue reading





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