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I have been struggling with starting this blog for quite a while. There are so many topics to discuss and so many thoughts running through my mind! So, here goes, let’s just start with some fond memories of “the good ole days”—just think back to what life was like in September when we started the school year. Happy students, happy staff, and happy parents coming together to share in each other’s lives for the 2019-2020 school year! We have formed so many good relationships, learned so much from each other, and loved each other through some hard times. Fast forward to June 2020. We still have good relationships, still learning from each other, and definitely still love each other dearly!

We struggle with not seeing the faces of our little ones. We have anxiety over whether our families are eating healthy, staying safe and surviving financially. Teachers really came together to pull off online learning literally overnight. I think we are all grieving the loss of human contact over the last three months. We are ready to get back to teaching and learning. I fear that this will never look the same as it did in September yet I look forward to how we can change education for the better.

The change reminds me of the story I heard about a young wife making a roast for the first time. She cut both ends of the roast off and put it in the pan. Her husband asked why she was wasting so much of the roast. She replied that she did not know, it was how her mother always did it. She called her mother, her mom did not know and had the same claim—that is how my mother did it. They called the grandmother and asked why she cut the ends of the roast off. Grandmother replied—to make it fit in the pan! (Hope you are laughing.) My point is –we have run schools on the harvesting schedule forever! The changes will be for the better in the end—we just need to stick together to work through the growth challenges and we will be on a new trajectory for learning!

Grand Blanc Academy has changed to a balanced calendar as a starting point for these changes. We want students back in the building, we want learning, excitement, and creativity to be a top priority for our families, yet there is so much uncertainty as we wait for guidance from our health officials regarding the return to school plan.

When students return to school either face to face or virtually, we will have a device for every student. We most likely will have a hybrid model for learning, meaning some students come to school on certain days and have virtual classes on the other days. Social distancing on buses will be a challenge and we will need to work together to reinforce with children the importance of staying in your own area whether on the bus or in the building.

Parents, you have my heart and it is filled with respect and love. You have struggled through this phase of our lives with grace. As we unite as a Grand Blanc Academy All Star family once again, I promise you, that I will keep your children safe to the best of my abilities, we will be the best educators that you will ever find for your child and we will hold each other accountable with love to ensure that your child is educated, healthy and supported!




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